"The intent and hidden meaning left within the ancient fibers of The Shroud of Turin, The Silent Gospel, could only truly be unraveled during these times of technical sophistication, for only now do we have the tools required to explore the mysteries embedded by its creator." - James Andrew Barrett

"Thamaso maa jyotir gamaya"
(Translated from Sanskrit, Brihadaranyaka Upanishad 1.3.28, this quote means "Lead us from darkness into Light" )

Table of Contents - The Silent Gospel

In the end enlightenment is not really an attainment of something you do not have, but a remembrance of what always has been.

Preface: Biological Dance - Touching between Realms

PrefacePicThe preface sets up the scientific foundation which assists in rounding out the manuscripts theory.

It does this by briefly reviewing current understandings originating from the scientific community, specifically:

1. The physical bio-chemical link between two major physical systems [immune and nervous systems], and the mental psychological aspect of emotions is firmly established.

2. The causality of this bio-chemical spontaneous virtual bloom (emotions) is mind.

3. Neural architectures; components that are so small that they constantly reside under the influence of the unique dynamics and mechanics of quantum processes.

4. Researchers looking into recall and what we call loosely term consciousness [sense of self] resides in no one biological place and yet in the same moment is capable of originating anywhere within the body. What is stranger still is that the intelligent impulse underlying this generation of physical activity originates from the non-local quantum realm.

The foundation: The physical biochemical/ electromagnetic self is sustained and maintained by an intelligence anchored and originating in the quantum realm. This information has led science to the understanding that biology, in a macro sense, is a standing-wave of electromagnetic phenomena open to modulation from various levels of stimulus, and on a micro level is a quantum object ruled by the perceiving consciousness.

The implication is that the “Witnessing Self” i.e. the soul or higher-self plays a major role in orchestrating the physical aspect of reality. 

Introduction: A Question of Life: 7

A personal summary of how the author came to the subject matter of human potentiality by questioning life, purpose and existence. In doing so he uncovers the keys to divinity, immortality and a methodology for the creation of Shroud of Turin’s image.

Chapter One: le Coeur de Mystère (The Heart of the Mystery): 12

The Shroud, S.T.U.R.P., The Image, The Death of Public Interest, Mapping of the Shroud,  Sudarium of Oviedo, Facts on the Shroud, The Mystery, What a man can do!

C1Summary of the current evidence on the Shroud itself, concluding with a quote by one of the original Shroud of Turin Research Project (STURP) members, Dr. Alan D. Adler, Emeritus Professor Department of Chemistry, Western Connecticut University in 1999,“A large body of scientific evidence has now been accumulated on this object…although the mechanism of the formation of the body images remains a mystery.”  The chapter concludes that the Shroud demonstrates to the highest degree of accuracy to be an actual burial shroud of a tortured, crucified man in the spring of the year in first century C.E., within a thirty mile radius of Jerusalem. In a court of law, the circumstantial evidence would be considered strong enough to announce, pending the actual body of the known man, that the Shroud of Turin belonged to the historical Jesus, whom one third of the world’s population worships as a Divine deity. A religious and political movement that has at its’ core the resurrection event, and the historical traditions surrounding The Shroud.

This information allows the Jesus story and teachings to be used as a bridge in correlation to the ancient preexisting philosophies of the Indian sub-continent and their well delineated sciences.

Chapter Two: Placebo & Faith: 26

     Faith, Mr. Wright, Communication, Lebhon

C2Here the differences between Faith, Hope and Belief are articulated. These principles are supported by an amazing, well-documented medical case of Mr. Wright’s spontaneous healing taken directly from the doctor’s own accounts of the story.  It acts as one extraordinary example of the power of both the human mind-body matrix and the inherent potentiality of the human form.

Faith is a key principle in spiritual attunement. It affords the vital life giving force called grace and stabilizes genuine trust (faith) in the intelligence operating life. It acts to couple all levels of information-energy transference into coherency and provides the environment required for conscious attunement with the divine.

Chapter Three: The Rainbow, Wisdom or Golden Body,  ‘Ja’-lus in Tibetan: 39

     Ramalinga Swamigal, Dzogpa Chenpo, Khenpo A Chung, The Rainbow Body, Paramahansa Yogananda, Master Zi Sheng Wang, Milarepa, Sri Aurobindo, Loung Pordaeng, H.E. Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche

C3Eastern spiritual philosophies have at the pinnacle of spiritual and evolutionary attainment a Great or Perfect Completion. It is rationally articulated in certain sects of Buddhism to conclude at a zenith event, where all the physical elements making up the body dissolve back to their original ground state of existence. In the final moments of this ultimate event, a flash of light is possible for the briefest moment. It is the conscious return to the Kingdom of Light where the body no long reflects that light but now radiates wholeness in light, hence the descriptive term given, Rainbow Body. These events, though rare, have been well documented throughout history by recognized, unbiased officials and by the lineages of the various mystical traditions.

The attainment procedures and final event is correlated with the resurrection and ascension of Jesus deeper into the book.

Chapter Four: Guru Jesus: 54

     The Man Jesus, Cross Pollination, Environment During Jesus’ Time, Trade, Education, Epiphany

The Word, Background, The Transfiguration

C4Through archeological evidence and the teaching of Jesus, parallels are constructed linking these mystical attainment practices of the Great Completion with the Resurrection and Ascension events of Jesus.

The bridge between these ancient inner sciences and the man most likely to have created the Shroud Image, are strengthened with insights into the language spoken by Jesus, Aramaic. Anthropological/archaeological evidence points to the real possibility of spiritual/scientific cross pollination in the region of the living Jesus by these mystical philosophies of the East.

This chapter cements the real possibility that this ancient mystical knowledge from the Indian Sub-continent existed in major trading centers along the trade routes supplying goods from Hindu/Buddhist dominated world to Rome and its Empire. Reviewed also are the Jewish educational processes of the first century highlighting the common practice of attending several differing types of spiritual sects to get a taste of their teachings and science. The chapter finishes with a look at the historical man and some biblical events that correlate to the mystical practices of the Indian sub-continent.

Chapter Five: Resurrection: 78

     Luke.24: , Summary

C5The Shroud image originates with a very specific story: a unique torture and then death by crucifixion with a miraculous resurrection into the Kingdom of Light, an act termed The Ascension. By examining the story once more in the Bible texts we can see the similarities to the stories of other great saints and correlations with those chronicled as Great or Final Completion.

In doing so we gain a richer appreciation the Shroud would have had for a small sect of Jews under brutal Roman occupation, especially in strengthening a faith to move mountains. It also highlights similarities to disciples of other Indian Sub-continent saints like Buddha.

Chapter Six: Have Heart: 87

     Heart of the Matter, Aims of the Heart, The Center of Self:  First comes Sraddha:  The Virtue of Love, Info-Energy, Fifth Way, Heart Facts, The Open Heart, Sacred or Purified Heart

C6Spiritual and mystical texts tell us that attunement with the divine requires attainment of a sacred, immaculate or purified heart. The author reviews the psycho-physiological nature of the human cardiac matrix, focusing in on the facts surrounding the knowledge that the heart is more than a simple organ with the function of pumping blood filled nutrients and oxygen to the cells.

It is understood that the heart is the master oscillator for five key modes of information and energy transference, affecting every cell, molecule and atom operating within the physical matrix. The author takes a look at a diversity of perspectives ranging from spiritual to medical. He begins with the root of the word in Aramaic and summarizes how this meaning in antiquity correlates with various spiritual and bio-medical understandings in current science today. In short, this chapter is a collection of views on the heart with a goal of shifting perspective to one of the heart itself. One senses from the information that the heart has its own aims: perfect, whole, receptive, inclusive and as light as a feather.

Chapter Seven: Truth: 107

      Signposts of Truth, Psychological Factors, Components of Integrity

C7The desire to grasp Truth is the primal force in the evolution of humanity. It motivates both external and internal exploration and is a pre requisite for spiritual life and the process of purifying of the heart and body, which is a condition for the Final or Perfect Completion. The discussion on truth is tied back to communication and evolution, which is prompted by the yearning of the heart to be in genuine truth.

Being genuine, authentic and or honest, produces a signature within the bio-electro-chemical energetic waveform akin to self-loving receptive open states. Truth at any level appears to align I resonance to “The Truth”, which Spiritual Masters tells us is “Love”.

Direct experiential knowing of this reality is the first station on the path to Perfect Completion. Eastern spiritual traditions have classed and categorized these richer levels of experience, giving aspirants signposts to help evaluate development and readiness for the next levels of practice. Lines from the Gospel of Thomas best sum up this chapter:

“His disciples questioned Him and said to Him, ‘Do you want us to fast? How shall we pray? Shall we give alms? What diet shall we observe? Jesus said, ‘Do not tell lies, and do not do what you hate, for all things are plain in the sight of Heaven. For nothing hidden will not become manifest, and nothing covered will remain without being uncovered.” “Jesus said to them, ‘If you fast, you will give rise to sin for yourselves; and if you pray, you will be condemned; and if you give alms, you will do harm to your spirits. When you go into any land and walk about in the districts, if they receive you, eat what they will set before you, and heal the sick among them. For what goes into your mouth will not defile you, but that which issues from your mouth - it is that which will defile you.” In this way, Jesus instructed his disciples, telling them that the most important thing they can do for attainment is to be truthful, genuine and honest to their inner truth essence. In short BE TRUTHFUL if you wish to know Truth! Zarathustra said; “Think good, do good, speak the truth.”

Chapter Eight: Heart Intelligence: 115

      Science of the Heart, Wave Theory, Synergy

C8“…as our attention comes to rest more in pure presence, a natural intelligence emerges (to our awareness). This intelligence bypasses our genetic gifts, IQ, age, cultural conditioning, and education. We might call it an intelligence of the heart.” - Catherine Ingram.

This unrecognized force animating us, this natural intelligence, we are told, is our deepest felt sense of individuation.  The impulse to beat is anchored within the heart itself, its operation and information transference is inherent. Both ancient and modern medical sciences tell us this present intelligence can, with skilled training, be brought into conscious awareness and made the sustaining anchor for perspective. This wisdom of the heart is sensed with faith and known by divinity (love) and is the foundation for courage and growth.

The author proposes that this synergy of key cardiac components aligns with the non-local intelligence animating the physical as outlined in the preface. This aspect of identity (self) is known as the psychic being, soul, atman, or Higher Self and originally was the root word in the disciplined study of why we do the things we do, termed psychology. The key within this chapter is that the skill to produce this signature alignment in medical science is being taught via cardiac biofeedback modalities.

Chapter Nine: Intent & Compassion: 123

     Truth is Truth, Surfing the Flux of the Infinite Womb, Compassion, Compassion is Divine Mind’s Primal Intent, The Divine     Creative Feminine, Metta, Loving-kindness, Karuna and Tong Len, Practice of Tong-Len, Bodhicitta

C9To grasp and make personal the meaning lying hidden within the fibers of the Silent Gospel, we are drawn to the intent underlying the motive in its creation.  The author here suggests that whenever we do anything, no matter how unconscious that action might be, the action is imbued with an energetic carrier-wave termed intent and that within all intent are finer fundamental modulations by the qualitative aspect present at the moment of initiating the motive. In short, every movement of action is colored by the qualitative state originating the action, even if that action is thought. He outlines how this specific sub-modulation which normally happens sub-consciously, determines the overall shape and resonance of the collective waveform of the physical architecture. This leads to a review of the qualitative realm, which can be reduced down to three core experiential qualities. Those three base modulating qualities are fear (contracted-self), receptive caring (open-self), and the neutral balance position between these two polarities (selfless). The two extremes associate physically to contraction and expansion, with the neutral center being a grounded calm termed “peace”. Returning to the neural sciences reminds us that each quality produces uniquely specific neural transmitters and their resulting specific resonance within the bio-system. Resonance both attracts and/or repels; both critical to the processes discussed in this book. The conclusion is that this subtle, mostly subconscious process forms the foundation in the creation of one’s experienced reality.

            Compassion is not empathy, sympathy or pity. One feels for another with these, whereas in genuine compassion one feels as the other (selfless). This is the only emotionally selfless state. The art of developing and maintaining this uniquely powerful state is best outlined in the Buddhist spiritual science of Kaurna Metta and the practice of Tong Len. These evolved ancient practices begin with loving-kindness for one’s self begun by being genuine to one’s truth. This discussion relates back to the chapter on Truth. The ultimate goal is Bodhicitta which has two facets. The first is selfless altruistic service to relieve suffering while the ultimate facet is wisdom itself and a deep and genuine appreciation of the infinite openness. These two facets are reflected in the life and teaching of the man Jesus. Whether he learned it from Buddhist-Hindu missionaries, practices of specific Jewish acetic sects or by simply meditating in the wilderness, the stories demonstrate a direct understanding of these principles. In the end the man associated with the Shroud demonstrated the ultimate example of this experiential knowing during the crucifixion when he forgave his executioners. The degree of this experiential knowing was exhibited three days later with the resurrection and ascension into the Kingdom of Light.

Chapter Ten: Breath: 137

     Giving Breath A Quality, Anatomy of Breath

C10Your heartbeat and your breath are the two oldest and strongest rhythms of the body and both can be consciously controlled with the mind. The inter-linked connection between life force, Spirit and breath goes back deep into antiquity. Understanding the anatomy of breath and how it relates to creating, increasing and sustaining specific qualities, as well as increasing available attention are reviewed in the context of increasing vitality for the purpose of directing this increased prana toward the goal of union with the divine. These correlations show a direct relationship between the Eastern and Judaeo-Christian philosophies regarding these two key regulating rhythms of the body and they cement and strengthen the bond between the Eastern attainment of the Rainbow, Golden or Wisdom Body of light and the Resurrection Event.

Chapter Eleven: Heart Rate Variability (HRV): 144

      Heart Rate Variability (HRV), Frequency, Pranayama, Patanjali, Eightfold Path

C11Heart Rate Variability is a medical science as well as a field of on-going research. Research has demonstrated this information to be the single best prognosticator of wellness, longevity, and the onset of chronic illness and death. With an outline of Heart Rate Variability another brick in the bridge between Western medical research and Eastern yogic sciences is laid. Here we have a Western medical modality demonstrating optimum functioning of psycho-physiological system. (Side effect being phase coherent system coupling; musically would be harmony as a diminishing of dissonance, which is the cause of stress electrically in the body.)

Chapter Twelve: Siddhas and Siddhis: 156

     Pilot Baba, Keiko Aikawa, Pam Reynolds, In the Blink of an Eye

C12.Siddha means one who is successful; one who has attained union. Union refers to a unity in heart, mind and soul with the Divine. The siddhis are the gifts or powers that come with this level of unity. What constitutes this attuned union of heart, soul and mind is followed by a collection of stories relating to the fluid dynamics of structure and the potentiality of physical form. The discussion results in understanding that the DNA/RNA matrix is more than a hereditary code for design, but rather a specific form of decoding antenna that responds to the collective environmental stimuli, including super-luminal, non-local, and/or quantum, with appropriate amino-acid chains. The main component inputting this chain of events is the mind and the consciousness animating perspective.

Summary of Part One:

SummaryPart1The material in this first section of the work boils down to the question we ask of what would occur if one were able to create the union spoken of in Matthew 22:37-39: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: love your neighbor as yourself. All the laws and prophets hang on these two commandments.”

Sri Aurobindo in his epic work The Life Divine tells humanity that the “Impulse from the Divine” was evolving the creation of man into an entirely new life-form he referred to as “the Gnostic being” or “supramental being” and sometimes simply he referred to this new species as “the superman”. Hints to this potential future may be the message the Shroud intended for these times or it may be the first and third sayings of Jesus in the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas, #1... And he said, “Whoever discovers the interpretation of these sayings will not taste death.”#3…the (Father’s) kingdom is within you and it is outside you. When you know yourselves, then you will be known, and you will understand that you are children of the living Father. But if you do not know yourselves, then you live in poverty, and you are the poverty.”

Part Two:

The Science of Divinity; Illusion of Identity: 162

Chapter 13: Awareness: No Subject, Object nor Action, An elaborate presentation on No-thing: 164

      The Arising of “I”, Identities of Mind - Forming of “I”, Ego, Soul, Heart, The Template of “I”, Qualitative Nature of Awareness, Ground of Reality, Dharma, St. Clare

C13Here is an elaborate presentation on No-thing: No Subject, Object nor Action and the birth of the identity template of self. The Mobius infinite loop of consciousness and the creation of self, mind and reality is defined. A rationale is given in the creation of the three main facets of identification, individuation, and the illusion of separation spoken of in Matthew 22:37-39.“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind….”

One is past/future awareness, the other in now/present moment awareness and the third is timeless/eternal non-localized. The value and degree each of these three aspects holds determines the perspective and experience of reality. Understanding this allows them to operate in a more unified and unifying manner.

Chapter 14: Quantum-Zero Point-& the Holographic Web: 188

     The Split, Physics of Life, Quantum Physics, The Science of Movement, Superposition, Light Facts, Consciousness, Holographic Fractality, Zero Point Energy or the Electromagnetic Quantum Vacuum, Primary Perspective, Gaia, Shift of attitude and perspective

C14The modern renaissance: how we came to see objects as standing waves of light held in superposition and what this means to the dynamic fluidity of seemingly ridged crystalline structures like our physical bodies. Here the reader jumps head first into the quantum rabbit-hole, which allows a novel perspective; consciousness in the recursive self-referencing loop of awareness touches virtual photons stimulating a cascade of virtual detection, the electromagnetic spectrum and our perceived reality. The track of logic drags reason to the conclusion that this sea of zero point energy, the proverbial womb of creation, reflects an intelligence that allows for this multi-dimensional holographic fractal of information and structure. The chapter goes on to discuss how experimentation has conclusively demonstrated that the intelligence and power of consciousness and mind has the ability to de-localize as well as also localize and effect Electromagnetic (EM) radiation but is not itself a function of EM. This places consciousness in a dimensional realm outside the bounds of our measurable universe and adds strength to the model that consciousness is the ground for creation of material existence.

Added for emphasis are startling experimental results demonstrating that there is an extraordinary effect that’s coming back from the future and affecting the brain earlier in time. An effect Cleve Backster coined as Primary Perception. His meticulous research progressively undermined the notion of a universe comprised of discrete units. He proved that thoughts and emotions affect the behavior of their own and other living cells. He has scientifically demonstrated the reality of conscious, non-local, instantaneous communication between thoughts and living cells, even living cells at great distances. Lastly the Princeton Noosphere Consciousness Studies lab experiments demonstrating a global cohering factor in back ground random energy prior to large emotional global events.

The material is outlined in order to allow the reader to see the direct correlating relationships to these two quotes. The first: “As a thing is viewed, so it appears,” from The Tibetan Book of the Great Liberation, the other from the book I Am That by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj; “Look closely and you will see that all names and forms are but transitory waves on the ocean of consciousness, that only consciousness can be said to be, not its transformations. In the immensity of consciousness a light appears, a tiny point that moves rapidly and traces shapes, thoughts and feelings, concepts and ideas, like the pen writing on paper. And the ink that leaves a trace is memory. You are that tiny point, and by your movement the world is ever re-created. Stop moving and there will be no world. Look within and you will find that the point of light is the reflection of the immensity of light in the body, as the sense “I am”. There is only light, all else appears. To the mind, it [that light] appears as darkness. It can be known only through its reflections. All is seen in daylight - except daylight. To be the point of light tracing the world is turiya. To be the light itself is turiyatita.”

Purpose of this material is to bridge current physics with the ancient wisdom taught by true masters of Reality.  In doing so it releases the imagination to conceive of the premise of a conscious elevation in which the individual finalizes with a Great Completion, a Total Union with Big “C” consciousness.

Chapter 15: Resonance: 217


C15The process and medium that allows the vibratory multi-verses to communicate and share information and energy, as well as the foundational process in a phase transition, is Resonance. Resonance is a principle that demands synchronization. Synchronization of energy into standing waves are objects, included is the human form. The key to sustaining the form’s shape is the long wave fundamental resonance held in self-organizing equilibrium, which produces the next important principle discussed, that of coherence.

Understanding resonance allows the concept of harmonic attunement spoken of by spiritual teachers, to move from an abstract notion to a rational idea. It plays a central role in the final phase transition event theorized as cause in the Shroud’s image creation. The material also grounds the value of psychophysical practices found in all mystical traditions, which is to assist in the creation of a specific form of stable coherent resonance or in spiritual terms an aligned attunement allowing a union with the God Head.

Chapter 16: Tuning to the Divine: 224

     Coherency occurs at Equilibrium, Sun Rise on Stillness, Evolution-The Transformation of the Human Species

C16Coherence is a principle that only occurs at equilibrium. It requires two or more parameters, inferring a binding together in a fashion that produces harmony or balance. It is the ability to not lose energy (minimize resistance) and or conserve and hold light from dissipating. Its primary value is its coherent ability to stabilize form.

The best form for coherency to sustain waves is called a torus and the ideal torus would be one with a phi/golden mean relationship. A field cohered in this fashion optimizes symmetry, self- organization, recursion and fractality.

The connection here is to see that a specific shape/relationship/proportioning idealizes coherency, which idealizes self-organization, self-referencing, sustainability and scale invariance; and that this produces a specifically unique resonance, one that harmonizes with the transition zone birthing our material universe into being.

Chapter 17: Quantum Aum: 230

       A Constant in Spiritual Traditions; AUM, Notion of a Constant in Physics, The Dance of Light, Divisionless Partitioning

C17In Eastern philosophy there is a cosmology about the cosmic constant, the holy stream, the Cosmic Vibration, called pranava. The Sanskrit word is AUM, but names like Amen, Amin, Om, Hum and The Word also refer to this primary causality. This ancient cosmology claims that this constant acts as the primary movement in the creation of time, space and the vibratory principle. Further, this same cosmology states that one must return back through this constant to retrieve one’s inheritance and fully become a Son of God.

The cosmology is introduced and correlated to the science of the Zero Point Field and the Hidden Harmony of the Word as read in the gospel of John 1:1. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the word was God.”  Here we again see the bridge between these ancient Eastern spiritual-mystical philosophies and their sciences with our current understandings in physics. Our current physics is strengthened with the goal of supporting the theory of a man near death falling into a harmonic resonant alignment causing a radical shift within his physiology and ultimately causing a phase transition of the elements comprising the form held in superposition. In due course this results in the unique image found on The Shroud.

Chapter 18: Sonoluminescence: 236

     SL, The Unruh-Casimir Effect, SL and The Silent Gospel, The Body, The Physical Form

C18Sonoluminescence is a simple process of producing light from sound. Even though the process is simple the six theoretical mechanisms currently proposed to explain the process are not simple nor do any completely satisfy. The Quantum Vacuum Radiation Theory occurring via a dynamic Casimir-Unruh Effect is focused on. Purpose being that it might be the first observable evidence of a theory that postulates a virtual photon release at the event horizon of the two infinites and in so doing cancel themselves out. The resulting asymmetry produced in the surrounding field of photon to virtual photon would cause a massive photon result at the event horizon between these two states. This photon release would be coherent and surround the event horizon of the collapsing standing wave field.

In brief, Quantum Field theory predicts that if the detector is accelerated, its ground state can be spontaneously excited even when moving through the vacuum. The Unruh Effect predicts radiation by non-inertially moving quantum mirrors. Furthermore, the accelerated detector will not find a vacuum but a thermal distribution of particles as if it were in a thermal bath of black-body radiation with a certain temperature coined the ‘Unruh temperature’.

The Quantum Vacuum Radiation theory poses that where two media with different indices of refraction rapidly come together, this would facilitate the conversion of virtual photons into real photons. Furthermore the cascade of the imploding shock wave going superluminal would create an event horizon at the boundary between the two vacuum mirror states, being the physical standing wave (energy field) now a superconducting Meissner Field and the quantum vacuum. The interface of the two vacuum states, the two infinities, would cancel each other. The asymmetry in photon to virtual photon would result in a massive photon release.

This simple experiment and resulting theoretical model are introduced as a direct visual event of what is theorized to occur during the Rainbow Body phenomenon. The object slightly expands and then implodes, vanishing from visual sight; resulting in an intense, brief, massive release of photons. The light (radiation) emitted by the vacuum surrounding the imploding field, results in the medium-forming Shroud image.

Chapter 19: Golden Mean: 248

     Fundamental Features of the Golden Mean, Numbers, Phi, The Principle of Phi, the Golden Ratio, Phase Singularity, The Form of Recursive Energy, Vortices, KAM tori, Stable Light, Dynamics of Condensation, Guided Within

C19The Word in John 1:1 can be perceived as the primal relationship that forms the initial partitioning of One (unity). A proportional division, where the part remains unchanged from the whole regardless of scale. Due to this fundamental characteristic, it represents an archetypal fractal in that it preserves its relationship with itself in the most economical, yet mathematically robust manner regardless of scaling. This unique proportional relationship, which preserves inherent similarities under scaling, is that of conformal symmetries with topological consequences that are themselves invariant. This ability to expand and or partition, yet not change while undergoing transformation, is self-similarity exemplified and defines this proportion as an ideal fractal.  No term of the original scission (initial reflection or division) changes the characteristics and properties during subsequent transformation. It maintains itself coming and going, yet being asymmetrical in scale (1 to .618…) allows an open receptiveness that result in inclusive diversity. For these and many other good reasons the ancients called this proportional symbol golden and early Christians related it to the Son of God.

This overview allows correlation in producing a dynamic toroidal field called a  KAM-tori, which is simply a field of nested tori of various scales. This field, its shape (geometry) and corresponding resonance, is seamless multi-dimensional nesting and the foundational environment for phase transition to a higher more symmetrical stable state of existence. The human field is a KAM toroidal fractal when perceived through the energy domain. A vast array of oscillating platforms nested into a coherent whole, with information and energy being transferred constantly. When unified ideally by phi, a superconductive field (Meissner Field) would ensue and this field would ideally mirror the Zero Point Field. The interface of the two vacuum states, the two infinities, would cancel each other; the asymmetry in photon to virtual photon would result in a massive photon release at the event horizon of the former standing wave/energy field. Phi, the Golden Mean, allows the level of fractal symmetry required to idealize the field allowing for this process. Research using the heart feedback device shows that this fundamental ordering occurs electrically during receptive/loving moments when all three aspects of mind are in agreement.

Chapter 20: Shroud Image Formation - Summary Conclusion: 272

     One, The Shroud Image, The Great Completion, The Shroud Evidence, The Image, Chapter Synopsis, The Yellow Brick Road and Parallel Universes, Review of the Process of becoming a Son of God, Final Perfection, Perfectly Purified, The Immaculate Heart, Loving-Kindness, Souls Perspective,  Grace Flows from Faith in Faith Itself, The Centering Process, Heart Center, Regulating Factors, A Unifying Harmony, Final Meditation, Electrical Nature, Human Potential and Human Evolution

C20Here complete summaries of the bio-scientific, psycho-physical as well as the spiritual-mystical requisites for becoming a Son of God and inheriting the Kingdom of Light, are reviewed and outlined; thereby grounding a methodology in science for the specific type of coherent radiation required to produce the shroud image. 

The summary outlines steps and resulting processes from both the perspective of Western and Eastern sciences, giving details to what occurs when aware-consciousness, attunement with the ground state of all existence, creates Self-referencing Phi Coherent Resonance within the Standing-wave Field held in superposition. It produces a uniquely refined signature and self-organizing energy among all the individuated oscillating platforms comprising human architectures. Physics tells us that the geometry and resonance of this specific scale invariant waveform would produce implosive pressures producing a rapid phase transition in the elements back to their virtual state. The result of this implosive centering, current physics tells us, would be a large release of virtual photons at the event horizon of the imploding waveform. The cause is from the asymmetry produced between the imploding shock wave and neighboring field. The intense yet very, very brief virtual release would produce a coherent laser like mirroring onto the cloth creating the unique embedded holographic characteristics not able to be produced by normal radiation, as the standing wave of the physical form phase transitions to the realm of whole light.

Highly developed skills of contemplation and concentration combined with specific qualitative energetic states are required to maintain this state. It is impossible to imagine from the day-to-day perspective most of us maintain, but to a soul that has shifted perspective so radically as to become selfless, the object of contemplation is total: union is achieved and the template holding the physical form releases and the elements phase transition into the Kingdom of Light. This follows rapidly in a cascade with centering pressures undergoing rapid stages of transition, just as the oxygen bubble does in the water during Sonoluminescence.

The prerequisite is a perfectly purified heart. It speaks to the hidden, silent, embedded gospel imprinted on the Shroud and what this means for human potential and human evolution.

Chapter 21: Purity of Heart: 313

C21The core to this path of aware conscious evolution is the creation of an Immaculate Heart; one clean of judgment, in a state of peace and balance. The heart’s perspective ability depends on its capacity and condition. Developing a healthy, receptive, awakened awareness, finalizes when the guiding force motivating the heart is anchored and sustained in the evolved psychic aspect of mind called the soul. This state achieved, the aims of the heart are fully realized and the state of purity is fully attained. If allowed to develop to more expanded experiential states, eventually the Mirror of self reflects back nothing; the form loses all polarity and vanishes from this dimensional existence.

Epilogue: Information and Energy: 316

EpilogueImageCurrently our notion of information and energy as a symbiotically Mobius chain-link ribbon is radically shifting. Experimental Data is pointing more and more to a field where Information resides prior to any and all energy, as we currently understand it to be. The forming of this new view in science began when it was shown that consciousness was not a product of electromagnetic radiation, but that it affected EM even under rigorous shielding.

This notion would parallel the ancient Veda s, where Brahman, the Godhead, Consciousness with the big “C”, exists independent, a state prior to all conceptions, actions or energy; a state prior to motive.

Bibliography - List of Reference Books: 319

Reality is self-authenticating; you can not manipulate your way to awakening.

It just spontaneously happens. You cannot storm the gates of heaven, you can just prepare for when self takes a vacations. You fall awake like going to sleep, you relax into it. It’s a spontaneous event like falling asleep. The harder you try, the harder it is. 

One key aspect is spontaneous yet it is not haphazard, a catalyst is necessary; that catalyst is genuine authentic interest, interest that leads to of inquiry of what desires, who really is doing the perceiving.

All Rights Reserved - Copyright (c) 2007 James Andrew Barrett