"The intent and hidden meaning left within the ancient fibers of The Shroud of Turin, The Silent Gospel, could only truly be unraveled during these times of technical sophistication, for only now do we have the tools required to explore the mysteries embedded by its creator." - James Andrew Barrett

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James Andrew Barrett

James Andrew Barrett is a student of religious and mystical traditions, heart intelligence researcher, author and lecturer, whose company helped to bring about the notion and tools to witness the value of “Internal Heart Coherence”, (1996-1997). The original goals of the company were a feedback device that would aid recognition of the “Hearts Intelligence” and support personal development of a Compassionate/Immaculate Heart.  Success came with the help of several individuals, particularly a former U.S. Air Force, control systems analyst in the human-machine interface program at Wright Patterson Air force Base in Dayton, Ohio. 

Barrett’s company produced and correlated information coming from the use of this novel, first ever, real-time heart biofeedback device,  data initiating from a diverse spectrum of disciplines scattered around the world.

Resulting conclusions from this innovative approach in combination with the exploding data coming from molecular-neural-consciousness research, spectral analysis of the heart, quantum mechanics and thermodynamics, were producing a new picture of the electromagnetic-self, one brimming with possibility and potentiality.

The new model linked inherent heart-based intelligence with: biological quantum mechanical processes, such as self-organization, emotional intelligence, nerve activity, and wellness, both psychological and physical which implies, to some extent, longevity.

Then, in March of 2000, a life-altering epiphany occurred when his twenty-seven year old son died suddenly. During those weeks of grief Barrett was given a clear vision of a book and a clear personal experience of the witnessing facet of “mind”. His priority then changed from developing the cardiac device, its protocols and company, to research, writing and lecturing on the subject of Human Potentiality. The Silent Gospel: The Science of Divinity - The Creation of the Shroud of Turin, is a result of this process.

James was born in 1951 in New Rochelle, New York and currently lives in Nevada City, California with his partner Patti Louise.