"The intent and hidden meaning left within the ancient fibers of The Shroud of Turin, The Silent Gospel, could only truly be unraveled during these times of technical sophistication, for only now do we have the tools required to explore the mysteries embedded by its creator." - James Andrew Barrett

The Silent Gospel - by James Andrew Barrett - Abstract

The Shroud of Turin is also known as the Fifth or Silent Gospel. Christian tradition tells us that the Shroud was left to the world as a witness to the resurrection and ascension of Jesus into the Kingdom of Light; yet this silent testament appears intended for these times for we are the first generation to have the tools required to unravel the encoded message embedded within the linen fibers. Examining the mystery of how the image was created reveals much about the nature of divinity, hinting at a potential evolutionary path for our species.

The Silent Gospel demonstrates this potentiality as it bridges Eastern and Western sciences, shares medical stories and facts, as well as the teachings, life works and ascension of Jesus in the context of the Final or Great Completion taught in various Eastern spiritual philosophies; philosophies where the aspirant completes his physical life by inheriting the Kingdom of Light, and becomes a Son of God. The attainment of the garment of Light is known in these ancient philosophies as the Wisdom, Golden or Rainbow Body and it is the Final, Great or Perfect union sought by all great spiritual aspirants. The Silent Gospel reviews the traditions, practices and philosophies which lead to an exulted level of experiential conscious awareness, while also discussing the resulting psychological and physical shifts that prepare the ground for final radical ascension into the Kingdom of Light. Some of the topics covered include: Heart Intelligence, Consciousness, Awareness and the "facets of identity" termed self that governs perspective and biology.

The intent motivating the writing of this work was to give a rational grounded methodology of how a man could produce a brief coherent burst of laser-like light equally in a measured way from his body and in doing so imprint the cloth with that moment in time.

Part One lays the foundation of the psychophysical sciences from the Western Medical and Yogic perspectives; Part Two outlines the key principles of this process from the physics, mathematical and biological perspectives. The two parts as a whole till and fertilize the imagination, creating an environment where the vastness of human potentiality sprouts organically out of the information offered throughout the book. The Summary completes the book by correlating a simple procedure known in science as Sonoluminescence to the process that results in the Shroud image.