"The intent and hidden meaning left within the ancient fibers of The Shroud of Turin, The Silent Gospel, could only truly be unraveled during these times of technical sophistication, for only now do we have the tools required to explore the mysteries embedded by its creator." - James Andrew Barrett

What others are saying about The Silent Gospel:

James Barrett has packed so much science and spirituality into one book &it feels like ten books in one. Someone with marketing savvy might say thatİThe Silent Gospel is ten books. It s the concentrated version of what is available out there in many books. - Ani Williams , harpist, songwriter, sound therapist and guide to sacred sites.

For me, reading The Silent Gospel was like coming Home. In a unified and organized way, it integrates science, heart and ancient wisdom with the deepest spiritual truths - a most valuable contribution to those on the spiritual path." - Leonard Laskow, MD , author of Healing With Love

The Silent Gospel is a compelling credible theory that uses the Shroud of Turin as a concrete blueprint for ascension into the Divine light-body. James Andrew Barrett weaves a brilliant blend of the metaphysical and western sciences, to reveal the wisdom held deep within the heart." - Dr. Jodine Turner , author of Keys To Remember

James Andrew Barrett has managed very convincingly to integrate ancient wisdom with current sciences to give real value of love and faith. In doing so, he offers true hope and guidance for all people to greater peace, health and ease of life. He's done a masterful job! - Dean Shrock, Ph.D., author of Doctor's Orders: Go Fishing

The Silent Gospel skillfully reveals connections within current biomedical breakthroughs such as Heart Rate Variability research, Eastern mystical breathing practices and traditions concerning physical and spiritual enlightenment, quantum zero point physics, sacred geometric proportions and so much more, encoded in the tapestry of the Shroud of Turin, and most importantly, offers profound implications for our own lives. - Bruce Rawles, author of Sacred Geometry Design Sourcebook

The Silent Gospel by James Andrew Barrett captured my attention as no other book has ever done. After James apparently spent many passionate years studying the amazing phenomena of the Shroud of Turin, he presents a plethora of real, plausible evidence as to how the image was created. In a refreshingly masterful style, both scientific and spiritual platforms are woven and intermixed. It is a hard book to put down. This book will amaze and educate scholars and the curious. - Norman Anthony, metal artist/craftsman

I have read many books concerning this topic of our place in the Divine scheme of things in relationship to the understanding of quantum physics but this one is the best I have ever read! James' understanding of the power of compassion as well as his explanation of how to engage in this selfless emotion is beyond comparison. For the first time I understand the purpose of the Shroud of Turin as a vehicle that reveals what happens to a Being who has evolved and actually becomes compassion. The understanding and replication of this truth held within the Shroud reveals this also as our path to ascension!" - Alexis Summerfield, Feng Shui Consultant and Teacher

James Barrett captures the spirit of how the novel science of internal coherence is rapidly evolving into a true physics way of understanding the processes of life, mind and spirit, without any moment losing touch with, and the respect for its personally perceived values. His plea is only affirmed by placing it against the delicate historic background of the life and ordeal of one of the worldsİleading religious and spiritual icons. Having several years practical experience with developing and applying the very same principles in front end biometrics, I warmly recommend The Silent Gospel as a bright guide into an upcoming era of intuitional sciences. - Frank van den Bovenkamp, entrepreneur, co-developer of the Heart Tuner, coordinator of Heart Coherence team